Hello! My name is Wojtek, and I could start like 99% of photographers by saying that photography is my passion… but my story goes even further than that. In 1959, when the photography was still only in black and white, my grandfather bought his first camera, the Zorki 4. It is the same one I hold in my self-portrait and that camera passed 20 years later to my mother, and once I grew up, finally passed into my hands … from here began what I am: The 3rd generation of passionate photographers…


I was born in Poland, but when I was 12 years old my family moved to Vienna (Austria). I came to Spain 15 years ago, for love, and since then I have been living in Madrid.

I speak 4 languages (Spanish, English, German and Polish), I love to travel and my other passion are classic cars.

I have been photographing for more than 20 years in many fields such as landscape, wedding or portrait photography with some small achievements such as the publication of my landscape photos in the spanish magazine “Hola Viajes” and the cover photo of the Cies Islands in the Official Tourism Portal of Spain, a book cover or one of my portraits published in HAZL Magazine. However, I ended up specializing in boudoir sessions because of the impact that my photographs generate in the people I photographed. Some of my photos have also been selected as “best photo of the day”, “TOP 20 of 2020” and “TOP 10 of 2020” by the AIBP (International Association of Boudoir Photographers). Recently, two of my photos was also awarded by the website Inspiration Photographers.



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Tufotopro - AIBP Best In Show 2020 TOP10